Why Is It Important for Pregnant Women to Quit Smoking?

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Pregnancy is a blessing for a woman, as it gifts motherhood to them. However, pregnancy is complicated, and women often undergo a lot of physical issues during their pregnancy. A lot of hormonal changes occur in the body. As a result, digestive problems, sleeping disorders, mood swings and many other physical as well as mental issues may occur. During pregnancy, physicians suggest to maintain healthy lifestyle for safety of mother and baby. Healthy lifestyle includes balanced diet, adequate rest, etc. Along with these things, you need to quit your habit of smoking. Many women plan to quit smoking when they start planning for a baby.
So, why is it so important to quit smoking for pregnant women? How smoking affects your body during pregnancy? What are the risks for your future child? All these questions will be answered in the following section of this article.

Risk of Cancer during Pregnancy

Smoking leads to lung, oral, esophageal, stomach and other types of cancer conditions. For pregnant women, the risks get escalated. Nevertheless, smoking can directly affect your baby inside the womb. If you continue smoking during your pregnancy, the baby may acquire various physical complications. Among these complications, lung cancer is a common aftermath. Hence, you need to be careful. You should avoid smoking to give birth to a healthy baby. You should not let smoking to ruin the future of your baby. For quitting smoking in a systematic approach, you can consult the addiction treatment services.

Digestive Problems and Frequent Heartburn

During pregnancy, digestive disorders happen commonly. Doctors or nutritionists suggest simple and healthy foods at this time. If you consume spicy and oily foods regularly during your pregnancy, you shall face digestive problems. Heartburn is also a common thing during pregnancy. With smoking tobacco, you enhance the risk of facing digestive disorders. You may find frequent heartburn issue due to smoking during pregnancy. Natural digestive ability becomes feeble for those who use to smoke cigarette frequently.

Sleeping Disorder or Insomnia

During your pregnancy, your body needs adequate amount of rest. You need to sleep properly and timely. Following the daily sleeping schedule is important for good health of your baby. If you face sleeping issues, you shall become mentally unhappy. Nevertheless, it will cause health damages to you and your baby. Sleeping disorder can escalate due to smoking, and eventually it could reach insomniac stage. Insomnia during pregnancy is fatal, as it will leave harsh impact on health of your baby.

Prevent Heart Related Problems during Pregnancy

Blood pressure irregularity is a common thing during pregnancy. Due to blood pressure irregularity, the risk of heart disease increases. Smoking tobacco further increases the risk. Quitting smoking during pregnancy will help you to avoid fatal heart conditions or diseases. Not only heart related problems, smoking tobacco also leads to brain stroke and many other complications.
For staying safe and keeping the baby inside your womb healthy, you should avoid smoking cigarette or drinking alcohol during your pregnancy. Addiction to nicotine is not only injurious, but fatal for the pregnant women.